Two Principles of Food Intolerance

GoldfishWhat is our ‘ideal’ diet?

We all know gold fish die quickly on the wrong food. And we know cheese and chocolate are not good for dogs. In fact every single species has an ‘ideal’ diet – one that keeps them healthy. Straying from their ideal diet makes any animal ill. It’s something we all understand for our pets.

Yet for some reason we don’t apply it to ourselves. We imagine that we can eat anything without consequence. And there the trouble sets in.

We are also a species: Homo sapiens – though sometimes we forget! The science says our ‘ideal’ diet is the Paleo diet – the foods eaten by our Old Stone Age (Paleolithic) ancestors. And just like any other species – when we stray outside it and include modern foods like grains and milk – we become ill too. That is – symptoms and disease begin.

The other side of this coin is a little-known fact: that Old Stone Age humans suffered no chronic or infectious diseases at all. Not one fossil from this era shows any signs of disease.

The initial signs that you have strayed?

Symptoms and disease!

Food intolerance is ‘the inability to digest some foods’. What happens instead is partial digestion – producing ‘foreign’ substances which your immune system does not recognise – and so the trouble begins: skin eruptions, digestive disorders, headaches, depression, arthritis, heart disease, psychiatric disorders, diabetes … and dozens of others.

Our immune systems are programmed (by our DNA, our human evolution) to respond to ‘foreign’ things which appear in the body. The immune system’s primary purpose is to protect each person – (and therefore the species). A bee sting is a familiar example of a foreign substance. The bee has injected a toxin into the skin that hurts like crazy of course. But your immune system just knows it shouldn’t be there – and immediately jumps to ‘battle stations’ to protect us.

What follows is a string of involuntary processes designed to deal with the toxin and disable it. Histamines are sent to the sting site along with fluids, blood flow is increased and the physical disability caused stops us moving around – which would only spread the toxin. Eventually the pain subsides and we recover.

Once you understand that the appearance of any foreign substance sends the immune system into action – it becomes easier to see how disease arises from non-Paleo foods like grains and milk.

Two principles to help your understanding:

1). ‘Foreign’ things trigger immune responses

EgplantWe already know foreign antigens like bee stings and chemical toxins trigger immune responses. Now the research says we
pasta breadmust include the ‘foreign’ things generated by ‘modern’ foods like grains (glutens), milk products (caseins, lactose)- and nightshades like chili, capsicum and eggplant (which carry alkaloids).


2). Your immune system’s resources are limited

empty.tankWhen the immune system’s limited resources are taken up fighting a constant stream of ‘foreign’ substances – (say from routinely eating ‘modern’ foods like bread, milk, cheese and pasta) – the tank is running on empty – and we are vulnerable:

  • Inflammation (intended as part of the healing process) becomes chronic[i]
  • Infective agents like bacteria, yeasts and viruses can now multiply freely – and we get yeast infections including Candida – plus colds, bronchitis and others.
  • The body’s precious processes get disrupted e.g. tissues are damaged, digestion is interrupted, organs malfunction, arteries get clogged with deposits, hormone levels change and neural signals get scrambled.

So just like any other species – we humans become ill on the wrong foods – but thrive on our ‘ideal’ diet, the Paleo diet.

‘Food intolerance symptoms vanish on Paleo’

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Paleo without rules - just options

Paleo without rules – just options!


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