It’s Easy to Identify Food Intolerance

Start with the foodintol® Symptoms Matrix here. Locate your symptoms to narrow down the possibilities.

Then use the Journal method to confirm your suspicions. This is more accurate than clinical testing – and the simplest, most effective way to identify your food intolerance. Why? Because your symptoms do not lie!

The Journal Method

  • Just track changes in your symptoms as you ’Switch a few foods’. It’s easy.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Buy a blank exercise book from the newsagent (~ $2). Go online and get information on the food intolerance you most suspect. E.g. if you suspect gluten intolerance search for ‘gluten-free diet’.
  2. Avoid the suspect food for three weeks and keep your Journal. Every day note down all foods eaten including snacks, supplements and medications – and importantly note down your symptoms each day.
  3. Look for patterns – and improvement in symptoms – and note the foods you ate then.
  4. Test on Day 22 . Have one large serve of the avoided food and then go back to the diet. Now watch for changes in symptoms and track them in your Journal. Detection_Diet_J_4f66a9c7b99bb_139x196

If the symptoms suddenly reappear – your suspicions were correct. From your results you will easily see whether you have that intolerance.

Or – you might like to have a fully laid-out journal – plus comprehensive food substitution guides for fructose, gluten, dairy, yeast – as found in the foodintol® Healing Program.

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