Paleo vs. the Food Pyramid

The most recent scientific knowledge says there was no disease – until we began eating grains and dairy.


So how can milk and cookies be good for us? The science says we must suspect these foods as major causes of chronic disease like diabetes, cancers, heart conditions, thyroid disorders (including obesity) – and many others.

So what is the ideal diet for Homo sapiens, humans? Where do you find that? Food pyramid charts? A nutritionist? Health websites? Your doctor? The side of a cereal pack?

All these do give nutritional advice – but not one of them is working from the latest scientific evidence about our species discovered by archaeologists four decades ago – but unfortunately – not embraced by nutritionists – or the medical profession. Despite all the science – and the great experiences reported by thousands switching to gluten-free – in the doctor’s surgery the knowledge is sidelined.

Why Food Pyramid Charts Have Misled Us For a Century

Contemporary understanding of our ideal diet all seems to be piggy-backing off some olde world view of nutrition published in the late nineteenth century – the 1890s – by one Wilbur Atwater of the US Dept. of Agriculture. His recommendations, (intended for farmers) about consumption of produce like grains, milk, cheese and meat were set down in booklets – and survive with revisions a whole century on as food pyramid charts.

Mr. Atwater’s basic ‘rules’ for consumption of meat, fish, bread, cereals, vegetables, fruit and dairy were adopted by nutritionists and doctors – and from there – all consumers. They claimed that milk and grains were ‘essential’ for nutrition … but archaeology – the study of human fossils -says otherwise.

Unfortunately these unsubstantiated tenets became the birthmother of virtually all nutritional advice given out today.

Such claims are certainly not derived from studying the human species. The advice is therefore at odds with what the fossil evidence says about the onset of disease.


Unfortunately – the familiar food pyramid chart still recommends grains and dairy as necessary for good nutrition. Sadly it persists as a fixture in school classrooms around the world – misleading generations of teachers and children.


Even Nutrition Australia still advocates grains and dairy as part of a ‘healthy’ diet. Because we have all strived to live by the guidelines:

Most of us therefore are not eating the ideal human diet as per scientific findings

Most of us therefore – are likely to have some kind of food intolerance – even if the signs are not yet apparent

How does food intolerance knowledge differ from conventional advice?

Conventional dietary advice begins with how the body utilizes nutrients – and makes recommendations for amounts of protein, carbohydrates, sugars and fats to eat. Unfortunately it does not distinguish among types of proteins or sugars.

Food intolerance however starts with our species Homo sapiens – and the diet which delivered two million years of disease-free survival. The knowledge arises from diligent research on human fossils and forms a bedrock upon which to build other learning.

The most recent scientific knowledge say there was no disease – until we began eating grains and dairy.

Suspicion falls heavily on these foods as major causes of chronic diseases like diabetes, cancers, heart conditions, thyroid disorders (including obesity) – and many others.

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