Twelve Best Paleo Tips: #1 – #4

Deborah Manners BSc(Hons)DipEd, Director

Deborah Manners, Founder

So, I have been near-Paleo for a few years now. And it’s priceless to be well and stay well – unlike my previous life, that was a string of illnesses and serial courses of anti-biotics.

Here are the first four in a series of Tips:

#1 Get Fresh: scallopsFB

A bit obvious maybe. But it’s surprising how many times I have caught myself out choosing cured meat over last night’s roast – or canned fruit instead of fresh. Break the habit! Hang out in the Fresh food section of your supermarket … and try one new vegetable, fruit, fish or meat cut every week.


#2 Fewer ingredients:

Food label

A lesson in WhatNot2Eat! The fewer the ingredients – the better. Need proof? Just take a look at this mysterious food label.
Reads like a chemistry lab inventory . . . So – how many ingredients in broccoli?


#3 Gluten-Free is a great start

You can’t change everything overnight. But you can make a start. When eating at a food court or cafe – look for orange almond cake. Almost always gluten free – sometimes also dairy free. . . not to say DEEElicious! (Make your own! … in the Recipes section of the app Dx114)

#4 Time your meals to get good sleep

‘Breakfast like a king, lunch like a baron – and dine like a pauper’.

Most people do this the other way around – with the evening dinner as their main meal. But that means there’s no chance to burn anything off. Try to finish eating at least two hours before turning in – and look forward to a hearty breakfast. You’ll sleep so much better!



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