Good Health is Priceless (Ask Your Mum)

lovelygrandmotherWhat you always wanted to ask – but didn’t: ‘Grandma, why did you get arthritis? Is the pain bad? How do you get by? … Will I get it too?’

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare says three in four of us, 75% will have one or more chronic conditions by the time we reach 65.

Right now you may be young and fit as a flea. And illness or disability are the furthest things from your mind. But what’s in your family? Diabetes, heart disease (scary), mental illness, obesity – and Alzheimer’s (really scary)?

The Best Health Insurance

The best health insurance is to keep yourself informed – and plan. Anyone can make teeny changes in their daily life which make all the difference.

For a start – not everybody gets sick – look at the other 25%. What do they do differently?

Sure, you have plenty of time … they say 30 is the new 20. And 40 is the new 30 – so lucky you, it’s the perfect time to get sorted!

FACT: You share a critical element with your parents, grandparents – and thousands of preceding generations: genetic material, that is – their DNA. Your genes are a central part of the equation. So talking to your parents about their chronic conditions might make you feel a little vulnerable – but it’s a great start. Knowledge is power!

FACT: Humanity’s first cases of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis appeared just 10,000 years ago, the Neolithic era. But humans have been around for a lot longer than that … more like 2,000,000 years. Even though doctors and nutritionists ignore this – what can we make of it?

FACT: There was no disease when we ate Paleolithic foods – a Paleo diet. How do we know this? Fossils from this era (before grains and milk were eaten) show none of the unmistakeable signs of osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis or tooth decay. Chronic disease did not appear until the Neolithic era. That is, there was no disease until we started eating grains and milk products.

scallopsFBA rising wave: avoiding disease by eating healthy

Across the world millions are finding that certain foods seem to be causing their illness. Not just a few anecdotes – but a rising wave of ordinary people taking back responsibility for their own health.

But still the doctors tell us they don’t know why chronic disease appears – that is, they don’t know the cause. Nor do they search for it. Their only approach is to manage disease: treatment – like medication and surgery. Hmm.

At the Food intolerance Institute we have a different approach. We believe in searching for the cause. (Simple logic says there is always a cause … and we love simple logic.)

Regular people are using simple logic … and they are asking:

‘Why did I get this? Why must I take more pills? Why can’t I search for the cause? . . . I can easily change a few things in my diet and watch what happens.’

Rise of the Paleo Diet

As we learn to take responsibility for our own health – the humble Paleo diet has come into its own. A natural and soft solution for our bodies – and a great alternative to medications.PeteEvansbook

Paleo chef Pete Evans is leading the way by sharing personal stories from people in a recent TV program about diabetes type 2. He received many letters from people saying they noticed real improvement upon switching to a Paleo lifestyle. And despite the skeptics – these folk want to tell the world.

Thousands of foodintol® members have had similar experiences – noticing big improvements in health issues. All they did was move part of the way to Paleo – by discovering their food intolerance and adjusting their diet.

Personal Story foodintol®

‘What an amazing difference in my overall health! I can sleep better than I have in years! No more belly trouble, or worse, BACK PAIN! I’ve had that back pain for over 20 years! I’m not afraid to work in the yard or do other strenuous things that I always thought were “hurting my back”–I’m healthier than I thought! I wish I had found you sooner, but am so grateful to have found you at all! Thanks for a sensible, systematic approach to taking care of the body! I just thought my body was “out to get me!” I’d seen at least 6 doctors over the years, and not one asked about my diet…’ Valerie H., CA, USA

Talk to your Mum

grandmother-mother-daughterWe know that even a slight shift in foods can make a big difference – now and for future years. So talk to your Mum, your Dad, your two favourite aunties and other rellies you love. They may have a few tips and might have done things differently – if only they knew what we know now.

Share your experiences. Listen to theirs. Unload some guilt, – and absorb theirs without judgement. We all make mistakes, and do things we later regret. But we can all be heroes – even pioneers if we set our minds to it.

We can’t change other people. But we can change ourselves. So talk, share, pass on knowledge, listen, mull, explore. You’ll all feel better, and be closer… life is short!


cropped-paleo_image.jpg‘Food intolerance symptoms vanish on Paleo’

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