Twelve Best Paleo Tips #5 – #8

#5 Forgive Your Mistakes

bigstockphoto_Picking_The_Flowers_257225Mistakes – we all make them! The wise woman says it’s the only way to truly learn something.

So many times I have goofed up by eating something I was trying to avoid. And because I have food intolerances – I always regret it within hours. But then I start beating myself up. In the end I realise there’s no point making myself miserable … man – life is short.

Learn the lesson – then go and pick yourself some flowers.

#6 Cook double and store

SaucepanVegSaucepanVegMake double the amount of vegetables – for two or more meals. Eat what you need then store the rest in the fridge. It takes no longer than making them for one meal. A simple idea – and obvious-in-hindsight.

Left-over roast meat – or grilled fish need veg too! Nuke in the microwave for a few seconds and munch your instant lunch!

#7 Barbecues are brilliant

beef steak on the grill with flames.There’s something about Cave man, meat and fire… Nothing could be simpler than char-grilled meat, fish or seafood. For steak and lamb – try a little marinade of lemon juice, fresh thyme and rosemary – sprinkle with sea salt and brush with olive oil.

Easy, hearty and – and oh so Paleo.

#8 Water yourself and grow

Asian girlOf course you’ve heard it before – we humans need to drink plain water to stay alive, fight off bugs and digest our food.

So lubricate your bodily parts with a couple of glasses a day … along with plain mineral water, herbal tea, fruit infusions and tisane.

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