Twelve Best Paleo Tips: #9 – #12

Completing our series of Twelve Best Paleo Tips – here are some things you might not have considered. They have been ‘hiding in plain sight’ – so they get missed. Innocent things you have been doing for years – because someone said they were ‘good for you’. Hmm

#9 Examine your ‘once-a-day’ rituals

SupplementsEvery morning I used to get up and take my multivitamins before my shower. Then I would brush my teeth and gargle with mouthwash.

But for years I had been getting mouth ulcers almost every week – despite being gluten-free and dairy-free. Clearly something was challenging my immune system – but I had no idea what. Then we went away for a trip and I forgot the multivitamins – and the mouthwash ran out.

But lo and behold – I soon noticed … no more mouth ulcers … ?! Hmm… Great lesson! What we ‘need’ for our health should be something we decide for ourselves. Not be thrust upon us by marketers flogging ‘one-a-day’ products.

#10 The Condiments Minefield

CondimentA tweak of soy sauce or spoonful pesto seems so small and insignificant. But did you know, condiments are concentrated versions of some rather difficult foods?

Added seasonings are frequently made from hi-ranking non-Paleo stuff – like legumes (soy), nightshades (chilli), dairy (parmesan), gluten-bearing grains (malt extract) – and of course salt and sugar. The answer? Moderation … and awareness.

#11 Stepwise Paleo

Thanks to our competition winner Kim Miller of Melbourne for this great tip with Paleo:

Don’t go cold turkey all at once, replace one food group at a time and first try replacing breakfasts, then lunches then dinners.

#12 For Meek Souls: ‘Paleo with Options’

Veggie pastaEverything is better with friends! And it’s fun to have a Paleo Pal. But a household has to run with a little order. If your partner or your kids are unwilling to go all the way – let everything you cook be ‘Paleo with options’.

Say you make a batch of bolognese sauce (PRg 6.7). The family can have it on regular spaghetti with parmesan (PRg 16.2), while you smother it onto zucchini and carrot ‘pasta’ instead for a lower averaged ranking (PRg 3.2). Perfect!

Get the PaleoRanking of any food with the app.

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