A Revolution in Healthy Eating

Want to know how healthy a food is? … get its fRg ranking.

Forget counting calories. Forget grams of fat, sugars, carbs, cholesterol, calcium, iron, fibre, polyunsaturates; forget folate, magnesium, zinc, antioxidants and omega-3s. That’s all so complicated! 

foodintol®Ranking WhatNot2Eat

Now there is one simple measure for the the rightness of a food … the foodintol® Ranking, or fRg.

This app revolutionises how we think about food.

The fRg eclipses other measures because it is based on our human DNA: on who we are biologically, how we have survived on this planet for two million years, how we endured Ice Ages, droughts, floods, earthquakes and predators – without disease!

(It’s true – there is no evidence of chronic or infectious disease in Paleolithic fossils … So what were humans eating to keep free of chronic diseaseRead more )

We are Homo sapiens – a species. And just like sharks, butterflies and hippopotamuses – we have an ‘ideal’ diet. One that our body can process easily and which keeps us healthy.

When we stray from our ‘ideal’ diet we lose fitness, feel fuzzy-headed – or suffer illness. Trouble is – those are the illnesses which grow in the background while we feel nothing.

foodintol®Ranking rates foods according to ‘how suitable’ they are for our species. That is – it rates how well we digest that food – not only to stay well and be free of disease – but to thrive.

4 healthypeopleMost people start feeling better right away – with more energy and a more positive mood.

The Institute’s research, survey results and feedback from members confirms the medical studies. Any food not right for our bodies has the potential to reduce fitness, create headache, inflammation and over time, chronic disease.

wheatUnfamiliar foods including grass grains like wheat – and dairy food (not available in Paleo times) – break down into unfamiliar products during digestion.

These can cause internal damage over time and make us ill. Just like feeding your goldfish on chili beef – or giving chocolate to your dog – things can go downhill quickly.

Want to know how healthy a food is . . . really? Look up its f-Ranking.

Want to feel better fast? Reduce your f-Ranking

What’s your f-Ranking right now? Well – what have you eaten today? Just enter today’s food and drinks – and read the meter. Simple.

foodintol® Ranking WhatNot2Eat – the app that revolutionises food intolerance.


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