Watch out for ‘Paleo Pretenders’

Trawling the internet for Paleo Recipes? Take care, many have rather non-Paleo ingredients.

Paleo Date Balls Dx167

Take Paleo Balls for example. These are often based on protein powders – highly processed derivatives of soy beans and/or cows’ milk. We are left wondering where Paleo man might have accessed these ingredients.

In fact recipes like these are usually ‘Paleo Pretenders’ – that is, they may be gluten free and dairy free. But they are not Paleo at all. Bottom line is – you won’t gain much health benefit.

(Psst! Instead try our recipe Paleo Date Balls Dx167, fRg 2.8 per piece. They are a great Paleo snack and so easy!)

Watch Out for Paleo Pretenders

Not all ‘Paleo’ foods are created equal. Unfortunately, some food manufacturers get hold of an idea to sell more product (like Paleo for example) and jump in without due research. A common misconception is to assume that gluten-free, dairy-free is the same as Paleo.  Ummm, no – it’s not.

Sure, Paleo has no grains or dairy. But it also has no Nightshades (e.g. potatoes, capsicums, eggplants) and no Legumes (pulses like kidney beans and lentils).

Such things could never have been eaten by our Paleo ancestors because these folk were nomadic. They could not stop to farm, reap and dry out things like chickpeas or Lima beans. And nightshades are native to South America – the very last continent to be inhabited by humans.

Humans began in Africa and spread out slowly.

That is – most of us have ancestry with no evolutionary exposure to nightshades – so we have not evolved the necessary equipment needed to digest them.

But there is an even more important reason to avoid grains, milk products, legumes and nightshades: they are associated with chronic disease. Long term conditions of the skin and digestive tract, inflammation of the joints, neural issues like migraine and headache and auto-immune diseases like type 1 diabetes and MS – are associated with them. Yowie! Who needs that!

Pale Mash Dx128

Paleo Mash Dx128

Mashed potato might seem innocuous – because we see it everywhere. But potatoes (nightshade family) contain AntiNutrients including saponins and lectins – linked to Leaky Gut – a major driver of inflammatory disease and autoimmune conditions.

Why not try our Paleo Mash recipe – a unique combination that enhances all kinds of meat and fish dishes! Search Dx128 in the app.

We bring you this information as part of our mission to inform and educate. If you want to gain all the fabulous health benefits of a Paleo lifestyle – at least let’s be clear on what Paleo is – and what’s just pretending!

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