Ordering Skinny Latte?

Even men do it now: the skinny capp or skinny latte is no longer a girly thing.

But being fat is. Most of us are so fearful of adding extra pounds we buy into the old advice about fats. Pity it’s faulty – or we would all be slender and brimming with health … Ever wondered why we’re not?

Is skim milk healthy?

See for yourself: foodintol® Ranking (fRg) measures a food’s AntiNutrients. Skim milk has fRg: 38.0 – high level AntiNutrients!

To avoid them – aim for the Target zone – between zero and 4.5 (the green/yellow zone on the meter).

Facts about milk:

  • Australians are among the highest per capita consumers of milk, consuming more than 102 litres per person a year.
  • However 3 in 4 people (75%) are intolerant to lactose, casein or both

Chronic disease rates have never been higher than today. By age 65, 71% of Australians have one or more chronic diseases (heart disease, diabetes, psychological disorders, cancers, rheumatoid arthritis or other auto-immune disease.). (AIHW Australia’s Health 2008)

Most of us try to do the right thing . . . live by the latest health advice. But the truth is, we rely on other people to advise us – and trust them to translate research findings. Then we follow.

But for the real facts on skim milk – just check the ingredients:lowfatMilk

The surprising fact about low-fat milk varieties is: they are more milky than milk. Just turn the pack round and read the ingredients. These products have additional milk solids – often as non-fat milk powder. Not to mention chemical additives.

Result? Low fat milk and skim varieties contain:

  1. More lactose than regular milk (therefore more sugar!)
  2. More casein than regular milk

Both casein and lactose are linked to respiratory, psychological and skin diseases in dozens of clinical research studies.


From Hundreds of  Peer-reviewed Studies

At the Food Intolerance Institute we take our information from peer-reviewed scientific and medical journals – that is, from hundreds of clinical research studies. (Compare this to media headlines which thrust a single study’s results at us.)

In conclusion: if you are ordering skinny latte to watch your figure, remember that’s not the only aspect of your body to care about:

  • The hubbub over skim milk is about removing fat. But milk fat is arguably the least damaging element of milk and is not actually linked directly to disease
  • But with a skinny latte – you are loading up on casein and lactose (which certainly are linked)

So … how about a delicious aroma-filled long black?

Or a gorgeous Almond milk latte?

Want to feel better fast? Reduce your f-Ranking

What’s your f-Ranking right now? Well – what have you eaten today? Just enter today’s food and drinks – and read the meter. Simple.

foodintol® Ranking WhatNot2Eat – the app that revolutionises food intolerance.


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