Take the 14 Day Challenge

Up For A Challenge?

Your new life could start today – right here, right now.

Take the 14 day Challenge! Just enter the foods you eat for meals, coffee, snacks. Try to keep your fRg low – with FRESH foods and Recommendations. If you make a mistake don’t stress . . . it’s the AVERAGE that counts!

Then watch your Progress graph.

Graph 14DayChal.

Try to keep in the yellow/green zone – and don’t worry if you make mistakes. It’s the average that matters across two weeks.

Tracking your foods for 14 days and keeping your fRg low – we are fairly sure you’ll feel better.  But wait, there’s more. . . you will have discovered your food intolerances!

Want to feel better fast? Reduce your f-Ranking

What’s your f-Ranking right now? Well – what have you eaten today? Just enter today’s food and drinks – and read the meter. Simple.

foodintol® Ranking WhatNot2Eat – the app that revolutionises food intolerance.

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