Reduce your f-Ranking – and love life again!

Want to feel better in a few days? … Reduce AntiNutrients (like gluten, casein, lactose, fructose, additives and more). This app actually measures AntiNutrients!

Would you like fewer headaches, less bloating with much more resistance to colds and viruses?

Simple. Reduce your f-Ranking.

The f-Ranking measures AntiNutrients in foods. . . and we all want fewer of those!

Sure, we all know about Nutrients. But what about AntiNutrients like lactose, gluten, lectins, casein, sugars, alkaloids, zein and additives?

Millions of people suffer symptoms because of them. It’s called FOOD INTOLERANCE.

What does a low f-Ranking mean?

A LOW foodintol® Ranking (fRg) means it is GOOD (very few AntiNutrients) e.g. Asparagus, fRg 0.9:

What about a high f-Ranking?

A HIGH ranking means it contains a high level of AntiNutrients like milk proteins, lactose, gluten or additives, e.g. Cow’s milk (even skim milk) fRg 38.0:

Headaches, bloating, skin problems, irritable bowel – or other nasties?

AntiNutrients – just like the name says – do the opposite of nourishing your body. They cause damage. And over time – that leads to disease.

What’s your f-Ranking right now?

Well – what have you eaten today? Just enter your foods and read the meter. Simple.

Aim for a low daily fRg under 4.5 – and see how much better you feel in just a few days.


4 thoughts on “Reduce your f-Ranking – and love life again!

  1. Why can’t I login ? Just uploaded App. Tried it. Said I was already registered ??.?
    Tried logging in again. Denied. Said “get support !’ ?????


    • Hi Barbara – Apologies! We did have a server issue over the time you were trying to login. It was fixed shortly after.
      Hope you try7 again soon.
      Support is located in Menu > Settings. Very sorry for the inconvenience!

      Customer Support


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