Quirky Story

Let us share some stories with you. Friends of ours quoted in this blog all used a foodintol® program to discover their food intolerances. . . and along with symptom relief there are always stories. If you have a funny, sad or quirky story about your adventures with food sensitivity we’d love to hear from you!


‘These days gluten free bread looks and tastes pretty normal with lots of varieties – relatively light and toastable. But a very long time ago in the 1990s – when food manufacturers knew nothing about food intolerance – and my culinary skills were being sorely tested – I baked my very first two loaves of gluten free bread. A perfect pair they were – though a little heavy.

Being doughy and yeasty was one thing. But after struggling to slice the first loaf – I resorted to sharpening all my knives.

Then one of the kids dropped it – and it actually made a slight dent in the lino. Eventually I decided to stay with rice crackers and went to toss it in the bin.

But my teenage son took it – and weighing it in his hands said, ‘It’s ok Mum – I think it’ll make a good door stop’.

It held back the balcony door for the next two summers.

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Share your story!

Things that have happened to you while trying to find your ‘problem foods’ will resonate with others in the same situation.

PRIVACY: We will never share your contact details!

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