What’s Her ‘Ideal Diet’?

Our mischievous and agile Ducky eats only meat and fish, her ideal diet.

She jumps up on chairs, wrestles with the rug and catches moths.

She is fourteen.

A cat’s ideal diet is meat and fish only. No grains, vegetables or milk products. Occasionally they chew a few blades of grass which lets them spit up indigestibles.

All creatures have an ‘ideal diet’. You’ve seen the signs at the zoo, ‘Please don’t feed the animals’. There’s a good reason. If animals are fed things outside their ideal diet they become sick – sometimes quickly. Sometimes over many months.

All animals – including humans – should stick to their ‘ideal’ foods to stay healthy. Unfortunately – humans are the worst offenders . . . which explains why we suffer so much chronic disease.

For people aged 45 – 64, more than half, 53% have one or more chronic diseases. For people aged 65 or over – the number is 71%.*

Digestive Systems are Tailor-Made

Did you know? Digestive systems are bespoke – tailor-made for every species. They start at the mouth, teeth and saliva, include the stomach, and all the intestines – along with specific enzymes for breaking down particular foods and absorbing the good stuff.

The digestive system is a bit like your car’s engine: put the wrong fuel in and things get a bit loud and smelly – not to mention, damaged.

What is the ‘ideal diet’ for humans?

We are Homo sapiens – all of us. And fossils reveal that for 2 million years we ate only meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts. The nomads’ Paleo diet. No grains. No milk products. No nightshades. No pulses.

(They did not need vitamins, had no idea about ‘nutrients’ – and suffered no osteoporosis or arthritis – unlike today.) Fossils from the era reveal there was no chronic disease for that entire two million years.

HOWEVER – chronic diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, loss of bone density and tooth decay suddenly appeared just ten thousand years ago. What happened?

Grains and milk products first appeared in the human diet as farming began in the Neolithic era – around 10,000 years ago . . . Chronic disease is a modern phenomenon.

Food intolerance is in our genes! Just like all other creatures – our digestive systems were designed to process only our ‘ideal diet’. And when we stray from it, e.g. eat wheat grains and milk products – we slowly get sick.

Want To Get Healthy? Reduce Your f-Ranking

Paleo is not for everyone. But the good news is . . . moving towards it helps  . . . Even small changes can make a big difference! What’s your f-Ranking right now? Easy! Just enter your foods in the app and read the meter.

TIP: Add more green vegetables to lower your f-Ranking. E.g. Asparagus fRg 0.9  … Feeling good is just a side benefit.

*AIHW Australia’s Health 2008 http://www.aihw.gov.au/chronic-diseases/

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