Can I Have Macarons ?

We were in Paris this time last year . . . the home of everything delicate, sweet and exquisitely presented. This shop window in St Germain was stunning at 8 am. Surprisingly macarons are ok on foodintol® Ranking WhatNot2Eat – even though they have a lot of sugar!

Why? . . . the law of averages!

Parisien Macarons

8.04 am St Germain, Paris

Remember – the f-Ranking is an AVERAGE of all the foods you enter. Just like your body averages everything you eat – so does the app!

How many macarons can you have? … One a day, with care.

Non possible!

Mais oui Mademoiselle! With zis little epp, err, f-Renking!

How to keep your f-Ranking low … and enjoy macarons:

Here’s a little demo of how it works:

  • Breakfast fRg 3.0
    • Bacon, two poached eggs, wilted spinach, grilled mushrooms
    • Gluten free toast 1 slice
    • 1 cup melon, four prunes
    • Tea no milk, 2 cups
  • Snack fRg 5.2
    • 1 macaron
    • Black coffee no sugar
  • OVERALL fRg 3.5

What’s your f-Ranking right now?

Enter your foods – and read the meter. Simple.

With f-Ranking you don’t add up calories. f-Ranking takes the AVERAGE of all the values… a totally different approach to a healthy fun life!


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