The foodintol® Awards: Best Gluten Free Bread

Winner Best Gluten Free Bread

Abbott’s Village Bakery Gluten Free Mixed Seeds.

With very low AntiNutrients, its has fRg 2.91 – winning a Silver Medal.

Available at Coles and Woolworths. See all the winners: BestGFBreadsAug2017

Avoid AntiNutrients

How can you know which gluten free breads are best? Even though they contain no gluten – they often contain other AntiNutrients like vegetable gums, preservatives and extra sugars. Who needs that?

Avoid AntiNutrients – with ‘Best of’ and ‘Top 10’ Product Lists

Now foodintol® brings you regular updates of products – assessed for AntiNutrients via their f-Ranking. They are listed along with details of other ingredients which might affect your health. Isn’t it best to know?

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Full list here:  BestGFBreadsAug2017

Discover loads of products (e.g. dairy free milks) listed and compared in RECOMMENDATIONS in the APP …

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