Jane’s Story


‘I’m seeing my doctor on Wednesday and I’m sure he’s going to want to run a bunch of tests.  I’ve just had so many tests in the past that say “normal” or whatever, according to their criteria, and it was when I started reading about food intolerances etc that some light was shed on the possible real cause. 

I’m mainly referring to my diarrhea here – 10 years of suffering, endless tests saying “normal” and then a finally a solution that turned out to be a fructose malabsorption problem, and relief coming within days by simply eliminating some foods from my diet.

You’ll have to forgive me – I’ve become a bit of a major “Food Intolerance Convert” after years and years of no answers from the medical profession. 

Your website really opened my eyes.  Sorry if I think you have all the answers – it’s a big compliment from me – sincerely. Keep up the great work.  Kindest regards – Jane’

*Jane completed a foodintol® program using a Food Journal and guides –  and discovered her food intolerance.

A Short Cut to Feeling Better Fast

Jane used the Journal system which takes ~ 4 weeks. But you can feel better much faster than that. Most people feel benefits in a few days!

The Institute has developed a world-first app which gives a measure of AntiNutrients – helping you to choose more wisely. Just aim for the Target Zone. . . that is – choose foods with low f-Ranking.

So Easy! No need to write anything down, or add up calories or measure serves. What’s your f-Ranking right now? Well – just enter today’s food and drinks – and read the meter. Simple.

foodintol® Ranking WhatNot2Eat – the app that revolutionises food intolerance.

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