Salad Dressings: What You Need to Know

It’s amazing what a little research can uncover! Who would have thought ‘clear’ type salad dressings (e.g. French, Italian) – as opposed to creamy ones like mayonnaise – would be such a minefield for added nasties!

Our latest ‘Best Of’ List has pointed up some startling secrets for anyone who cares about what they are eating.

Click here: BestSaladDressing.Nov.2017 

Trends we noticed while carrying out this research. Regarding AntiNutrients:

  • Imported is better than locally produced (the top 4 are imported products)
  • Generic brands of the two major supermarket chains did not score well
  • Brands we grew up with have not kept up with changing consumer demand (Kraft, Praise, Heinz)

Don’t Spoil a Fabulous Salad with a Poor Dressing

Another trend . . . (except for our winner Paul Newman’s Classic Dressing) in general, clear dressings tend to be loaded up with artificial thickeners like VEGETABLE GUMS – giving them very high fRg scores.

In an era of increasing food sensitivity (which the medical profession is still trying to understand) – we find this unacceptable. Salads are great meal options – but they need a little dressing!

Why foodintol® dislikes vegetable gums

Vegetable gums are huge plant proteins – and they are ‘foreign’ to our digestive systems. Most importantly – they have a very similar actions to gluten once inside the body. They break down into molecules the body does not recognise – and that puts your immune system on ‘alert’.

You don’t notice it right away (classic food intolerance … symptoms appear long after eating). 

But hours later – even the next morning – if you notice headache – or back pain or joint stiffness – instead of blaming it on ‘stress’ or something else – it could easily be from vegetable gums.

Check all food labels for vegetable gums: GUAR GUM, CARAGEENAN, XANTHAN GUM and others … with code numbers: 407, 409, 410, 412, 413, 414, 415, 416, 417, 418.

So if you get unexplained symptoms – and have been avoiding gluten and milk products – look out for vegetable gums!

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