Salad Dressings: What You Need to Know

It’s amazing what a little research can uncover! Who would have thought ‘clear’ type salad dressings (e.g. French, Italian) – as opposed to creamy ones like mayonnaise – would be such a minefield for added nasties!

Our latest ‘Best Of’ List has pointed up some startling secrets for anyone who cares about what they are eating.

Click here: BestSaladDressing.Nov.2017 

Trends we noticed while carrying out this research. Regarding AntiNutrients:

  • Imported is better than locally produced (the top 4 are imported products)
  • Generic brands of the two major supermarket chains did not score well
  • Brands we grew up with have not kept up with changing consumer demand (Kraft, Praise, Heinz)

Don’t Spoil a Fabulous Salad with a Poor Dressing

Another trend . . . (except for our winner Paul Newman’s Classic Dressing) in general, clear dressings tend to be loaded up with artificial thickeners like VEGETABLE GUMS – giving them very high fRg scores.

In an era of increasing food sensitivity (which the medical profession is still trying to understand) – we find this unacceptable. Salads are great meal options – but they need a little dressing!

Why foodintol® dislikes vegetable gums

Vegetable gums are huge plant proteins – and they are ‘foreign’ to our digestive systems. Most importantly – they have a very similar actions to gluten once inside the body. They break down into molecules the body does not recognise – and that puts your immune system on ‘alert’.

You don’t notice it right away (classic food intolerance … symptoms appear long after eating). 

But hours later – even the next morning – if you notice headache – or back pain or joint stiffness – instead of blaming it on ‘stress’ or something else – it could easily be from vegetable gums.

Check all food labels for vegetable gums: GUAR GUM, CARAGEENAN, XANTHAN GUM and others … with code numbers: 407, 409, 410, 412, 413, 414, 415, 416, 417, 418.

So if you get unexplained symptoms – and have been avoiding gluten and milk products – look out for vegetable gums!

What’s next? ‘Better in Five’ program

Because AntiNutrients cause so much mischief in our bodies – avoiding them lets you get back to your gorgeous self. No kidding.

Nasties like gluten, additives, casein, excess sugar and other things interfere with normal body functions. From your digestive system to your pancreas, lungs, skin and even the chemicals in your brain – AntiNutrients ‘meddle’ … and the result is intestinal distress, inflammation, headaches, mouth ulcers, back pain – even mood swings.

If you haven’t done it yet – download the app and get started on your FREE Better in Five program: Keep your fRg score at 6 or less – and we promise you’ll be much better in five days!

Reducing AntiNutrients sets you on a path for:

  • Fewer headaches
  • Less bloating
  • Better fitness
  • Welcome weight changes



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