Healthy Diet: Five Best Appliances

For best results – equip yourself with the right stuff. We suggest and ‘Appliance Audit’. Do you really need all those machines cluttering up your kitchen bench? Go through everything and decide whether it is good for reducing AntiNutrients, or not.

For instance – a toaster might seem innocent enough – but how often do you resort to it for a quick meal?And why do you have a breadmaker? A waffle iron? Ice cream maker? They are just asking to be used!

During your ‘Appliance Audit’ you might need to add a couple of things – or retrieve them from relegation. Wedding presents from long ago – or things hiding in the back of a cupboard somewhere. Break them out and enjoy!

Our Top Five Appliances

#1 The Brilliant Barbecue

BarbecueBarbecues bring out the best in vegetables, seafood, chicken and meat. But you have to wait while it cooks . . . a barbecue forces you to be social.

Best results come when the fuel burns down to a white-crusted ember. That means you have to pass time with family and friends – respect the sizzle!

#2 To My Food Processor with Love

There’s nothing you can’t do with a food processor – well almost.Smoothie

And with the full suite including hand-held whizzer (stick mix) – you’re a much better cook than you thought.Food Processor

It chops, minces and slices fruits and vegetables in a flash. For juices, smoothies, cakes, soups and sauces – all easy and fresh – without thickeners, additives or ‘E numbers’. Add only love!

# 3 Pressure Cooker Pal

Pressure cookerIf you’ve never tried one of these – you are making work for yourself. This handy gizmo compresses cooking times to a fraction of normal.

E.g. Braised lamb shanks with vegetables would take 4½ to 5 hours on the stove top – and fill the house with steam and smells. But – with a trusty pressure cooker you get dinner for a family of five in 40 minutes. Make friends with a pressure cooker near you – or steal your Mum’s.

#4 Steamer Power

Double boilerSo it’s probably been at the back of a cupboard for ages. Like stuff you only find when you’re moving house. But steamers make the best green beans ever.

  • Just eight minutes from cold water
  • Then switch off – and tip up the lid to let the steam escape

Gorgeous bright green beans with a slight ‘crunch’ and all the nutrients still intact! Not squishy. Not that dull grey colour. Just yum… works like this for almost any vegetable.

#5 Softly Softly Slow Cooker

Slow cookerThe busy wife or Mum’s reliable standby. After breakfast – put in a chicken, chop up celery, onions, tomatoes (or whatever you like) – stick the lid on, set the timer and nick off to work.

When you get home, dinner is done and the Kitchen Angel has time for kids and other distractions.

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