Slimmer at last! ‘Better in Five’ Program

Stuck with extra weight that won’t shift? Tried everything but no luck?

Guess what … Often it’s not because of overeating! It could be your THYROID being disrupted.

Your thyroid could be receiving the wrong messages  . . . AntiNutrients like gluten interfere with normal thyroid processes. Did you know – welcome changes can begin within days – when you start reducing AntiNutrients!

The thyroid is a gland located in the throat – and studies show it can be badly affected by the breakdown products of gluten. Once inside the digestive system,  gluten from wheat and other grains breaks into two smaller proteins:

  • Gliadins
  • Glutenins

The first of these – gliadins – are responsible for disrupting a number of bodily functions. An important one is thyroid function. A malfunctioning thyroid muddles signals about metabolising nutrients. The results are unwelcome weight changes.

The thyroid gland is the regulator of how food is turned into energy in your body. If it says ‘burn’ then energy is burned. But if it tells the body to ‘store’ – then, you guessed it, fat gets deposited somewhere. AAAGHH! 

‘Better in Five’ Program

Learn how to choose the right foods with the ‘Better in Five’ program. Begin better habits from today and you’ll start noticing welcome changes.

  • Fewer headaches
  • Less bloating
  • Reach better fitness
  • Welcome weight changes


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