Carol’s Story, Lesley’s Story

How was your morning?

Quick and comfortable?

Or fast and furious?

Or maybe nothing happened at all?

Did you know? Your food choices have a direct effect on the next morning . . . and the whole following day too.

Carol*: ‘When I think of the years I wasted’

Thanks for your reply.  Actually, I am feeling good — happier, pain-free, bloat-free, diarrhea-free, the dark spots on two of my nails are gone and more energy than I have had in a very long time.  After having had diarrhea for so long, it seems that the intestines are sluggish, but I’m hoping motility will improve soon.

When I think of the years I wasted, feeling awful and lethargic, suffering awful brain fog and getting acquainted with every toilet in the county, I get sad.

Thank you Jemma for sticking with me through a very trying time.

(One month later) I want to check in with you to let you know that I’m doing very well.  I’ve gained 3 pounds (up to 98 now), and I think I’ve really made progress. It baffles me (now that I am better educated thanks to you) that a gastroenterologist will diagnose IBS without checking for food intolerances as well.

Lesley*: ‘My life has been turned around’

I have done the journal and found to my surprise that after 56 years of being constipated (going once a week/fortnight from a young child) to going every day.

It’s a miracle AND I have been suffering from insomnia (thought to be hormone related) for ~8 years and am now sleeping every night like a log.  I am extremely happy and want to thank you for your help.

My daughter had done the program and suggested I try it.  I am very glad I did…. my life has been turned around.  Thanks – Lesley : )

*Carol and Lesley both pinpointed their ‘problem foods’ using a food journal and a series of guides (the foodintol® Healing Program). It takes a few weeks but is accurate and effective.


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