Chronic Pain: Tip for Using Less Medication

You’ve heard it all before – and even from your own GP: the medical profession has few definitive answers on chronic pain due to inflammation. Instead doctors rattle off stuff called ‘risk factors’ intended to be helpful – but not much solace for a long-suffering patient.

One thing they generally fail to mention is the new research on food toxins.

Possible Cause of Chronic Inflammation and Pain: Food Toxins

Chronic (ongoing, always-there) pain is usually because of inflammation.

  • Inflammation in sacral vertebrae gives lower back ache or leg pain (sciatica);
  • Inflammation of the membrane around the brain gives headache or migraine;
  • Inflammation of the skeletal joints gives arthritic pain (and if left unattended leads to arthritis);
  • Inflammation in the cervical (neck) vertebrae can give neck ache, hand or arm stiffness – or back pain;

In 2018 inflammation is widely suffered. Around one in five are affected. But rather than dose ourselves up with over-the-counter medication – shouldn’t we be asking … why do we get it? What is the cause?Taking a Different Approach: ‘Food Therapy’

The fact that so many people suffer chronic inflammatory pain may even make us complacent about its cause: at a certain age everyone gets it – that’s just the way it is.

Well . . . not really. Looking into the history of human life on this planet paints a very different picture. The study of Homo sapiens is called anthropology – yes, a mouthful – but well worth the small effort. So here’s the revelation:

Original humans – from more than two million years ago – suffered no chronic inflammatory disease.

Read that last line again . . . Wow!

How do we know this? … Fossils. When Anthropologists team up with Archaeologists – a whole new picture of Homo sapiens emerges . . . one that suddenly realises there is no evidence of chronic inflammatory disease in Paleo times.Paleolithic human bones are pristine: no telltale signs of rheumatoid arthritis, no osteoporosis – even the teeth are free of decay. Which means they did not suffer the associated chronic pain.

Now – how could they manage to stay free of chronic inflammatory pain – when we cannot?

When we search . . . really look closely at our species – a whole lot of topical issues come together to explain why.

The Stealthy Impact of Food Toxins

The answer is – Paleolithic people ate different foods from what we eat.

  1. First difference: they were nomadic – hunting and gathering their food so they ate fresh plant food – and fresh meat and fish
  2. Second difference: there was no farming: so no grain crops like wheat or barley … and no corralled animals for breeding – so no milking or dairy products.
  3. We now know – both grains and dairy products are sources of AntiNutrients – also known as food toxins. . . some of the worst slow acting molecules that cause inflammation.

Although these may seem like minor differences – they are huge in terms of the human suffering caused by disease. Some statistics for you:

  • Paleolithic humans: prevalence of chronic inflammatory disease,  0%.
  • Modern Australians aged 45 – 64: more than half (53%) have one or more chronic disease
  • Australians over 65 years: 71% have one or more chronic diseases

On a personal level imagine yourself as your parents or grandparents … for a first-hand experience of chronic disease. What if you have to give up driving due to arthritis, or change our lifestyle because of diabetes?

But it goes further. How many of us will have to work less – or give up careers because of disability caused by chronic disease? Then other questions arise about medications, the cost of healthcare and even life expectancy.

What Can You Do?

Chronic disease is not compulsory – it is avoidable. While some wring their hands and wail about the inevitability – we can look at the scientific evidence – that has thrown up strong evidence about the cause  . . . and choose to eat differently – more like our Paleolithic ancestors.

We can choose to reduce AntiNutrients (Food Toxins) in our diet. We can choose to swap usual choices for alternatives. We can choose to avoid the chronic pain of inflammation – and in doing so, choose to avoid the chronic disease that comes later.

These tenets are what we are all about. The Food Intolerance Institute is a repository of information about the links between certain foods and disease.

It is our mission to live by these tenets, to publish this knowledge – and to help all people lead healthier lives via adjustments in diet.

These are the cornerstone of all our programs. Our latest offering: ‘A Whole New Lease’ Program. For anyone whose back pain, hip pain or leg pain has become more and more frequent.

(Of course if you are already diagnosed – you must never change your prescription medications without consulting your doctor.)

But there is something you can do which needs no drugs or surgery – and which costs a whole lot less … financially, professionally and emotionally.

We want you to be well!

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