foodintol®Ranking WhatNot2Eat – is the brainchild of Deborah Manners – a scientist, researcher, writer and food intolerance expert. Here she tells how it all came about:

Deborah Manners BSc(Hons)DipEd

‘Health is precious . . . and birthdays come around regularly. I want to experience all of life’s riches – and make every birthday better than the last. That means staying youthful and free of illness.

‘It’s been a long journey. Arriving at the idea to rank foods on how suitable they are for humans began in 1996 and continues today – two decades on. And now it’s an app.. . . we are always learning!

Through all my food intolerance discoveries – and creation of the Food Intolerance Institute . . . we now know our Old Stone Age ancestor – Paleolithic man – teaches us the ultimate food lesson. My recommendation:

Keep the ‘foreign’ stuff’ out of your body … This includes grains, nightshadeslegumes and milk products – because they break down into foreign stuff inside your body!

‘I suffered decades of illness including serial bronchitis, sinusitis, back pain, constant headache, allergies and two miscarriages amongst other things. Dozens – probably more than a hundred doctor visits – medications, diagnostics, blood tests – and NO ANSWERS!
And just like for millions of other people – nothing was diagnosable enough to keep me away from study or work . . . We just battle on don’t we – with medicines, physio and sick leave?’

‘It was now 1995 and I was unsatisfied with the medical profession. Despite dozens of consults – I was no better – and actually getting worse.  Then during another health emergency a life-threatening blood clot condition was diagnosed – which is incurable – but manageable with meds.

  • I discovered later from the medical journals – the condition Factor V Leiden is linked to gluten.

‘I was curious. Doctors never seem to look for the cause of the problem. They just want to name the illness and move straight to treatment. For me (a scientist) – not caring about the cause – and turning right to treatments seems lazy. Nothing was ever ‘cured’. Even with hundreds of courses of antibiotics – infections always came back. And I can’t imagine what that did to my immune system.

‘But I was much too curious to keep accepting that – and went back to the University library to research things for myself. What came out was startling: simple food intolerance was at the root of all my ill health – including the two tragic miscarriages.

Now with all the resources of the Institute – webpages, publications and foodintol®Ranking WhatNot2Eat – we are passing on this knowledge. We want you to be well too!

foodintol®Ranking WhatNot2Eat

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    • Hi Travis – sorry for the confusion!
      You will need to delete that version and download the new version: foodintol(R) Ranking WhatNot2Eat .
      We hope you enjoy using it and let us know how we can make it better!

      Deborah Manners


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